2 Application
Absorb CO2 We can make the CO2 scrubber to absorb the CO2 from the air. For sealed room or chamber, it can reduce the CO2 to 0ppm.

The CO2 catalyst is regenerable and can be reused more than 10 years without replacement.

Application example: Fruit storage, vegetables growing etc

Re-use CO2 The CO2 scrubber absorb the CO2 from the air. Once it is saturated, it can regen to exhaust out the CO2.

So, the scrubber can also generate CO2 to re-use if needed.

Application example: Algae based PBR system


For industrial application, as there are many different requests,  we custom make the scrubber to meet the customer's requirement.  So, please  contact Welltech for solution. 

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